Some friends..

  1. .. always ask for our help, yet they declined when we ask for their help.
  2. .. always praise us, but with intentions.
  3. .. like to be appreciated, but hate to see others having the same.
  4. .. want us to hear their problems, but close their ears when we have the same situation.
  5. .. really wanted to help us, but fate opposes, making us thinking that they didn't want to.
  6. .. hate if they were interrupted, but they themselves like to interrupt people.
  7. .. don't appreciate what we did to them, but cries if they weren't appreciated.
  8. .. are friends, but suddenly because of dark past stories, they keep changing to enemies.
  9. .. are so honest, they say everything that offend us. Honest? For them, yes.
  10. .. admit that we are their best friends, but act like we are not.
  11. .. dislike being cared, but obsessed to care some others.
  12. .. are not grateful when thinking of us. But grateful enough when they ask for our attention.
  13. .. discard our advice, then implore from us when they really need them.
  14. .. label us, just in case. But hate to be labelled.
  15. .. are so typical, but condemn others when did almost the same like they did.
  16. .. hate to see their friends have more attention than them. But denial is their excuse.
  17. .. are so materialistic, they judge their friends by our wealth and our fame.
  18. .. are parasitic. 
  19. .. are better than us in everything, but needs our help too. Which they really appreciate their friends.
  20. .. love to see their friends in happiness, and vice versa.
  21. .. 'shred' our ears just to listen their suggestions, but close theirs when we want to give some.
  22. .. judge us whenever needed. Just to ensure we didn't 'apostatize' them.
  23. .. keeps our secret, just in case they needed something, which uses our secret.
  24. .. pledge to be loyal to us. Instead they like to change friends, like we are their clothes.
  25. .. can't be described. Because they seems to be very judgemental.
Some friends really need to look at themselves, so they don't talk to people like they are the people's mirror.

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