2013: New life? (2)

I screwed up. I didn't know what would happen next.

I told my mom about this news, and a big fight happened between me and my family. Most of them didn't allow me to move, but not for my 4th sis. She told me that sometimes she regretted for going back to public daily school after accepting offer to InterSaBer (Sabak Bernam Intergrated High School) due to homesick and stuff. She added, if she continued studying there, there would be a chance that she could fly overseas and get good jobs. Not like going to local universities and had to deal up with some fussy motherf*ck*rs and stuff. She recommended me to go, as I would have a bright future there.

So I've decided. I'm going. Though this was unplanned and really unexpected offer and decision. Like, hey, I've already planned to stay at SMK Alam Megah 2 until I'm graduated and suddenly I got an unexpected offer! Who on Earth wouldn't feel stressed? Tell me.

So, on my last Monday in SMK Alam Megah 2, I've been asked to handle a book promotion segment during assembly, and that's the time when I spoke up:

"Kawan-kawan, saya rasa.. ini merupakan minggu terakhir saya di sini. (Fellow friends, I think.. this is going to be my last week in this school.)"
*this dialog was scripted, so don't worry.

My statement shocked my friends and teachers. They didn't expect me to move from this school.

During the segment, Shira, Ain and Muqh were also there, co-hosting the book promotion segment. As scripted, Shira and Muqh nodded stating that they were also going to another boarding school like I am.

Soon after the assembly, my friends and teacher came to see us to confirm whether  we are going or not. And the answer is constant, yes. It's a painful answer after boasting at Twitter, Facebook and in real life about my decision not to go to another boarding school after PMR before. Muqh and Shira  didn't feel the same like I am because they were already planning that they will go to another school. Ain was so frustrated about the statement though she already knew about it long before others know.

My very last event at SMKAM2 with my friends.
On my last day at SMKAM2, I cried in front of my friends. For 4 years at SMKAM2, I've never ever shed a single tear in front of my friends. And on that day, it happened. I can't hide it anymore. Just predict how sad you are when you are going to leave your most beloved school with shock, with just 2 weeks of preparations?

So I guess memories will just going to be memories. I'm leaving my school, my friends, my positions and my plans just like that in order to grab the unexpected golden future. That's just painful
Me with Aidil.

With classmates. I and Shira (white dress) are leaving.

With Yana and Burhan.

With classmates. Muqhriz (Sitting at front, center) is going to Alam Shah KL.

With Zainul Zen. During trip to Malacca.

Me and Shira.

Me and Pn. Sharrifah, the prefects teacher.

Pn. Rahimah Hashim, my Science teacher.

Yana, me, the then principal Pn. Fazia, Pn. Zaiton and Shira.

Tini, Fit, Fuad, me, Zen and Yana Nauli on my last day.

With Fit on my last day.
And some other photos that I didn't manage to upload here. Sorry.

It comes to a very emotional moment when thinking about the condition at that time. But past is past, and future must be brighten up. InsyaAllah.

I'm no longer a SMKAM2 student, I'm now a BASiS (Banting Science School, or for some students they say Banting Science Islamic School. Idk) student.

So... there you go, now you know about my story right?
I'm currently studying in Banting Science School (BASiS) or known as SM Sains Banting, Jugra.

My journey is going back to basis. So I've to be prepared for everything.

That's all for today. Today? Perhaps. Hope you guys will visit my blog more frequently for new updates. Thanks for now. Goodbye, Wassalam.

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