2013: New life? (1)

Assalamualaikum and haii gais.

Sorry for the late reply due to new year preparation and new school preparation.

*wut? new school?*

Yeah guys, new school.

*but why? and how?*

Yess okay okay, I know. I've made a statement about I'm going to any boarding school after PMR before. BUT, this story below will tell you how it happens:


16th January 2013.

I'm with my normal routine at SMK Alam Megah 2 when I knew about SBP (FRS) results have came out that day. I, Shira, Syaza and Yana rushed to the counseling room early in the morning to know the results. During the results checking time, En. Nasran came into the room, shocking us with his presence.

He asked about the SBP results, and Shira was the only girl there who got into SM Sains Banting, the newly opened school 2 years ago. Unfortunately Syaza didn't get the offer, thus frustrated into tears. En. Nasran quickly asked me: "Awak tak check ke permohonan awak lulus ke tidak? 
(Have you already checked your results either you got it or not?).".

I stunned.

"Saya mana ada mohon mana-mana SBP, kan saya dah kata awal-awal dekat cikgu.
(I didn't apply any of these boarding schools, I've told you earlier, right?).", I quickly replied.

"Kan awak cakap dulu yang awak nak sekolah dekat SM Sains Banting?  
(You told me earlier that you wanted to study at Banting Science School, wasn't it?)."

"Ya, tapi saya tak buat apa-apa permohonan pun. Lagipun saya dah tukar fikiran.  
(Yes I did say that, but I didn't fill any application forms. Moreover, I've changed my mind.)".

"Kan awak ada mohon secara lisan dengan saya, so saya mohonkanlah untuk awak.
(You verbally applied for the school to me, so I applied it for you.).".

*3 seconds of silence*

"Cikgu mohonkan untuk saya?
(You applied on behalf of me?).".

"Eh, tengok je lah keputusan awak tu, dapat ke tak.
(Just check your result either you got it or not.)."

I logged in and I saw this:

I screamed like hell due to shock. I never expected this.

En. Nasran explained to me:

"Masa awak kata awak nak sambung belajar dekat SBP, saya tolonglah mohonkan untuk awak. Then tiba-tiba awak kata kat saya yang awak taknak pergi pulak, masa tu saya dah terhantar permohonan. Saya tak bolehlah nak buat apa-apa.
(The day you told me that you wanted to further your studies in FRS, I applied the school for you. Then suddenly you told me that you didn't want to go, by the time you said that I've already submitted the application form. I couldn't do anything.)".

Shock + Happy + Frustrated + Whathehell? + Worry = stressed my mind and heart. I was so deeply pressured after the explanation. I couldn't do anything because my mind was so saturated with worries and what-will-happen-if-I-told-my-family consequences. Shira was so happy I got the same school with her, but at the same time she knew about my condition at that time.

I didn't expect this to happen. I repeated. I DIDN'T EXPECT THIS TO HAPPEN.

I've already listed my plans to do at my school this year, and I've already got few positions which teachers have told me earlier: "Jangan pegang jawatan kalau awak mohon untuk ke sekolah asrama.  
(Don't take any positions if you're applying for boarding school.)".

I'm dead, I'm so deeply dead...

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