New phase, new momentum

Salam Alaik.

I've never been so much excited to post this entry tonight. Seeking precious moments to post this you know haha. Perhaps I'm gonna tell you my new step in my life, university life.

Yep. Alhamdulillah, I was offered to UiTM Shah Alam to pursue law at foundation level. Being provided with two options, one is Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka and another one is this, I tend to choose UiTM instead.

This seems to be a bit cliche. Haha UiTM je kan? You pricks.

So why UiTM? Why law at the first place actually? Kau budak sains kan hahaha. *emoji jeling*
I'm kinda interested in politics and social sciences and long before I'm planning to enroll here, I have thoughts (berangan to be specific) on pursuing my first degree in international relations. So that's kinda interesting and new to my view. Not to say that I'm no longer interested in science and mathematics. You'll find them somehow, you'll never run from them.

Preparations and stuff, done. Alhamdulillah, I've registered on 2nd of June 2015. The feeling of getting back to hostel is there, but with deeper breath and more peaceful mind, so far I guess hiks.
And as usual, orientation week. The week that is supposed to be fun but might as well turned out sour (for some). Aku enjoy je haha tbh okay tbh. We have the dance! But not tarian teko (like the one back during my BASIS time). Lots of seminars and anthems all the way around, again and again, event after event.

But it's fun tho, to sum it up. One of the final slots during the orientation week (we call them Minggu Destini Siswa or MDS), we have finally reach the point where we have obtained our title as a student of UiTM. Why not during the first day? Because:

Muka? Nope.
As far as I know, the lecture will be started as soon after the MDS has finished. Well, for sure, not all lecturers will come into the class as most of them are still teaching the degree and masters students. Lots of sleeping times vacant classes I guess, only ELC (English Language Course) classes will be available as the lecturers are from the Academy of Language Studies, so nothing to do (I guess) with degree and masters students.

Alhamdulillah, most classes have been started, but surely they are trying to speed it up. Mid-sem exam is around the corner okay! The exam will be started days post-Eid holidays.

Anything more to tell? InsyaAllah will do.

A demain!

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