57'th Birthday

That's it. To my lovely goddess, Happy Birthday Kathar Bibi bt Laksamana.

She is fierce but caring
She is straight but lovely
She is everything. Tell me.

And yeah, she's a good chef. A lady with 4 daughters and 1 nice son*.

Rindu Haryani A Rahim
Nurhardiyanti A Rahim
Nurhartini A Rahim
Nurul Hidayah A Rahim
Muhammad Khabir Hariz A Rahim 

 She is evrything to us and our father. Of course, 'Ayah' wished her first, then Acik Lela, her 'sister' which is awesome till now. Whoever first. I can tell you that she is the most caring mom in the world. And yes, you will too. Whose children taht doesnt appreciate her mother so much. 

We love you. So much. <3

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