Forgive Me. :'(

It all started when I posted my March Test results in Facebook. That's the source of the controversy. I heard from many mouths that some of my friends didn't really like my action. Masa tu result Mukh boleh kata sama banding dengan budak kelas 3KRK. And that made me really really proud. No doubt.

Until one day, Mukh ada dengar yang ada yang tak puas hati, kononnya Mukh flaunting depan kawan-kawan Mukh sebab budak kelas tengah dapat beat budak KRK, ceritanya. And that shocked me, I never wanted to flaunt myself in front of my friends because yeah, one day my result would drop down too.

Suddenly, kawan Mukh yang mana dekat kelas KRK dah mula salah faham tentang apa yang Mukh buat. Ada yang anggap Mukh nak menunjukkan kemegahan result Mukh yang tak seberapa sangat. That made them really upset and angry.

Satu hari, kawan yang Mukh anggap tak pernah gaduh dengan dia jumpa Mukh and kata: "Aku dengar daripada _________ yang kau kata budak kelas kitaorang sombong. Betul ke?" I was terribly shocked with the question. "Mana ada! Aku cuma post result tu sebab aku tak pernah dapat sebagus tu. And kenapa aku nak kata korang sombong pulak?" Mukh balas cepat-cepat sebab Mukh tahu apa yang kawan Mukh kata tu tak betul. Sangat tak betul. And directly he said to me, "Kau jangan nak cari gaduh dengan kitaorang..." and other words that made me heartbroken at the spot. How come a post about my results came into this conflict? I'm truly devastated. Shortly after that, most of KRKrians didn't talk to me. Only some of them.

I cried my heart out that night because I never knew what I did will affect my relationship with KRKrians. Now, our relationship have turned into a new leaf. However, I feel that our current relationship is not as bond as before. Some of them are still pissed off with me. What I mean is some of the boys. Hurm gosh, I really need to solve this problem 100%. I want us to be like before, happy and cheerful, always together.

Imran, forgive me. I know that you're upset but not for months. I miss our friendship. :'(

Shira and Ain, although we are already together again but I can sense that you guys are still  keeping the anger in your heart.

Alissa, forgive me. 

Syakirah, forgive me.

Guys, I miss this moment. I truly miss this, we were so bond at this time (HiTea Pengawas 2011). Look how bond Ain, Syakirah , Alissa and Imran with me before.

Deira, I know that you're still angry with me although we are already back to normal. But yeah, the relationship is not like when we were in form 1, where all of us were so bond. Now, everything looked unnatural.

Muqh, I'm sorry. It seems like you're not angry but for me, I know you are. You're a new guy and during the early times, I were so jealous of you because you're such a versatile guy. Not more than that.

Me with Deira in form 1, 2010. We are were like siblings that always being so hyper, happy and cheerful. I miss the moment.

Me, Deira, Yana and Fatin. Shira captured this. 2010. I don't believe that this moment had gone away. :'(

And for Alwyn, Saiful, Izat, and all of you, I am terribly sorry. I know I didn't have to but I want our relationship to be as bond as before. All I can do now is only pray. And hope.

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