As the title above, it's VE-DAY ! For what? *huh* Examinations are over!! Though, it's worthed studying for..*counting* 5 months! Yep, 5 MONTHS baby! The questions are also well tricky :D . It's time to enjoy the happiness and relief with prefects hi-tea and end-year holiday! But, before holidays are coming, we have to manage these matters first:

  • Returning back textbook.

*Not this much, but it is a lot!
It is a pile of books. Heavy, thick, ugly books. No matter how do those things look, those things helped me score. So what? Now I haven't wrapped this SEJARAH (HISTORY) text book and COMPILATION OF POEMS, SHORT STORIES AND DRAMAS (ENGLISH). All of that costs RM1.00 . *Nooooo!~* =.=' Plus one lost book that is MATHEMATICS VOLUME 2. Costs me RM10.85. *Very Nice*, oh cupcakes. 

  • Exam results (dang dang dang! ~)

Everyone's nightmare. Whether you got A,B,C,D,E (?!). We'll never know until its time. I'm too scared I can't cry. :( URGH. So bad. 

Then, after you had went through these time, you'll find the eternity..if you passed with flying colours. If you passed with dull colours, I'm sorry. Not me fault. ':)

I wish I could get most of it A, and then only I can enjoy my holiday peacefully and with relievance(?). I can do,get,go,make everything I want! Kahkahkahkahkahkah!~

So this is the end of this entry for now. Have a happy holiday...and happy results! ;)

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